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Practice Areas

 Dan Willick has practiced law since 1973,  with an emphasis on healthcare law and complex civil litigation.  He  has been involved in precedent-setting lawsuits concerning important  healthcare issues.  Dan has been a legal consultant to the University of  California system on mental health law and is general counsel to the  California Psychiatric Association.  He advises boards of directors,  negotiates contracts with employees and lobbyists, and follows and  advises on proposed healthcare legislation and regulations.  Additionally, Dan advises on the operation of clinics providing  psychotherapy and other medical services.

Dan's expansive healthcare practice includes representing physicians and  other healthcare providers before licensing boards and in medical staff  corrective action hearings.  He frequently acts as a hearing officer or  arbitrator in medical staff hearings and has been chosen to serve as an  arbitrator on the American Arbitration Association Commercial Panel.   Dan has prepared medical staff bylaw provisions governing peer review  hearings and has represented medical staffs and professional societies  at such hearings.

He is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA Geffen School of  Medicine and has also held academic appointments at Loyola Law School,  USC Keck School of Medicine, University of California at Santa Barbara  and California State University at Los Angeles. 

   – Healthcare law 

  – Complex civil litigation 

  – Arbitration  

  – Hearing Officer  

   Mental health law and campus safety